Install Screaming Frog SEO Spider on Debian

sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
sudo apt-get install xdg-utils zenity libgconf-2-4 fonts-wqy-zenhei
sudo apt-get install cabextract xfonts-utils
sudo dpkg -i screamingfrogseospider_13.2_all.deb
screamingfrogseospider --help

basvanbeek@linux:~$ screamingfrogseospider --help
usage: ScreamingFrogSEOSpider [crawl-file|options]

Positional arguments:
                         Specify a crawl to load. This argument will be ignored if there
                         are any other options specified

    --crawl <url>
                         Start crawling the supplied URL

    --crawl-list <list file>
                         Start crawling the specified URLs in list mode

    --config <config>
                         Supply a config file for the spider to use

    --task-name <task name>
                         Option to name this invocation of the SEO Spider. Will be used
                         as the crawl name when in DB storage mode

    --project-name <project name>
                         Db Storage Mode option sets project name of crawl. This argument

Now you can run the command line like this:
screamingfrogseospider --config "/home/basvanbeek/scream/config.seospiderconfig" --crawl --headless --save-crawl --output-folder /home/basvanbeek/crawls --export-format=csv --overwrite --timestamped-output --bulk-export "External Links" --export-tabs "Internal:All,Response Codes:Client Error (4xx)"

Read more command line options: