Skype keyboard shortcuts

Not applicable[Command]+[1]Open the main Skype window
Ctrl + I[Command]+Shift+[O]Open Notification panel
Ctrl + , (Ctrl + comma)[Command]+[Comma]Open app settings
Ctrl + HNot applicableOpen Help in default browser
Ctrl + D[Command]+[2]Launch main dial pad
Ctrl + N[Command]+[N]Start new conversation
Ctrl + G[Command]+[G]New group
Ctrl + F[Command]+[F]Find in current conversation
Shift + EnterShift+EnterSelect next message in search results
EnterReturnSelect previous message in search results 
Alt + Shift + EControl+Shift+[E]Focus Message Composer
Ctrl + Shift + S[Command]+Option+[S]Search for People, Groups and Messages
Alt + 1Not applicableNavigate to recent chats
Alt + 2[Command]+Shift+[C]Open contacts
Alt + 3[Command]+Shift+[B]Open contact screen to bots
Ctrl + O[Command]+Option+[O]Send feedback
Ctrl + R[Command]+[R]Refresh the app
Ctrl + T[Command]+[T]Open themes
Ctrl + Shift + T[Command]+Shift+[T]Toggle between light and dark mode
Use Alt + V to bring up the View menu to zoom in, out, or return to actual size
Ctrl + Shift + = to zoom in
Ctrl + - to zoom out
Ctrl + 0 for actual size
Use the View button to zoom in, out, or return to actual size
[Command]+[+] to zoom in
[Command]+[-] to zoom out
[Command]+[0] for actual size
Zoom in, zoom out, or view actual size
Up arrow after sending a message[Command]+Shift+[E]Edit the last message sent
Ctrl + P[Command]+[I]Show conversation profile
Ctrl + Shift + TabControl+Shift+TabOpen chat above
Ctrl + TabControl+TabOpen chat below
Ctrl + Shift + A[Command]+Shift+[A]Add people to conversation or call
Ctrl + Shift + E[Command]+[E]Hide conversation
Ctrl + Shift + U[Command]+Shift+[U]Mark as unread
Ctrl + Shift + K[Command]+Shift+[K]Start video call or toggle video on or off
Ctrl + Shift + L[Command]+Shift+[L]Select multiple messages in conversation
Ctrl + Shift + P[Command]+Shift+[R]Start or answer audio call
Ctrl + Shift + F[Command]+Shift+[F]Send a file
Ctrl + Shift + G[Command]+Shift+[G]Open gallery
Ctrl + S[Command]+[S]Take a snapshot
Ctrl + E[Command]+Shift+[H]Hang up
Ctrl + M[Command]+Shift+[M]Toggle mute